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    I just wanted to let you know how much I love my little guide book. I placed an order with Hidden Valley Handcrafts and it came with my order. Broome is a beautiful and unique place. Top two on my 'places to re-visit list' when the borders open. Wouldn't have anything to do with the pearls of course... lol
    Julie Mackinnon

    "Hi Liz, our first visit to Broome, and we loved it. Very spiritual. Very friendly. We didn't pick your book up until going home. It is a great book. We covered just about every thing we had time for . Loved the jetty to jetty app. Soooo easy to follow, I loved it. We went to Willy Creek pearl tour, a great tour very interesting good value for money. The crazy crabs at the pub, interesting. A camel ride loved. And the many many sunsets we saw were amazing. Off corse not enough T time to do everything. But we are coming back one day to see more. Loved Malabala book,shop bought three books read two already. And the old picture house, being a lover of anything old I loved it, oh yes and the planes that came in low , amazing. I will continue to read the little booklet, a great $2.00 worth. Cheers Trish

    "I was able to download it.  Thank you It looks great. Colourful, informative and exciting! Can't wait to explore the area! A lot of work has gone into producing the booklet Well done."  Debby Barnes

    "Commendations on another great production and special applause for the map!!! :  Tunya  Verslius, Perth

    "I visited Broome for the first time in 2011 and happened upon your booklet and devoured it - the best guide. Thank you so much for your imagination, clear presentation, humour and diligence in creating such a fabulous guide. A credit to all contributors.Loved Broome but have barely touched the surface. I will be returning in on 28th July for at least 5 days and would like to order your booklet ahead of time and get maximum coverage."  Judy Stanton, Melbourne

    "You so kindly sent  a copy of Uniquely Broome to  me and my husband whilst we were in NZ. We used your book on our holiday in Broome and we are now living here in Broome. Your book is great and I recently took a copy back to NZ for my mother in law.  A great book."     Lynn Dobson (now living in Broome)

    "The map is great - well done!!  What's so apparent about your book is the LOVE you put into it - it's becoming personal too - your story is mingled in there and that's lovely.  Well done Liz - it's getting better and better."  Kerry-Anne Jordinson, Sydney

    "Thanks Liz for dropping off your fantastic Uniquely Broome a few weeks back.  As usual, looks great!  The best all rounded and comprehensive publication Broome has to offer."  Belinda & Richard, Broome

    "I received your Uniquely Broome book in the mail - it is fantastic,you do such a great job - it really made me want to go there that's for sure!"   Andrea Smith, Perth


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